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Books and e-books

You can search for books and e-books simultaneously through the Library catalogue, Explore, which is the principal tool for finding books, journals and other materials held in UCL libraries (whether in print or electronic format). 

E-books are catalogued individually and can be accessed directly through Explore. There's further information about finding, using, and citing e-books in our e-books guide.

The Classics collection is located on the 1st floor of the UCL Main Library and is arranged by subject in accordance with Garside, UCL's own classification scheme. Each book has a shelfmark on the spine which consists of the name of the collection, followed by a letter and number indicating the subject, and the first three letters of the author's surname.

The sequence starts with books on classical studies generally (CLASSICS A) and classical literature generally (CLASSICS C), subdivided by topic. These sections are followed by books on Greek language and literature (CLASSICS G) and books on Latin language and literature (CLASSICS L).

Comprehensive series of Greek and Latin texts, such as the Loeb Classical Library and Oxford Classical Texts are shelved together and are followed by an A-Z of ancient authors. Each author has their own shelfmark, or series of shelfmarks, for example: Homer (CLASSICS GN 1-13), Virgil (CLASSICS LV 12-35).

The Papyrology collection is located in the corridor outside the Classics reading rooms. Editions of papyrological texts (PAPYROLOGY PA) are arranged alphabetically in accordance with the symbol for the papyrological text e.g. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri (PAPYROLOGY PA 340 OXY).

How can you tell if a book is available online?

On UCL Explore, you can look at the results of your search to quickly discover if a book is available in print or/and online: View Online means that the book is available electronically, while Available means that the book is available in print. In some cases a book is available both in print and online. 

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Other collections

Materials relevant to the study of Classics can also be found in the following Library collections:

The Institute of Archaeology Library houses collections relating to the following subject areas: