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Guide to using Mendeley Desktop reference management and social citation sharing software

Mendeley Cite-O-Matic: editing citations and references

Word generates code that is hidden in your Word document to enable it to communicate with Mendeley. When you click on an in-text citation or on your bibliography, the background will go grey, indicating that code is present.

Warning! Do not type over any part of your document which is greyed as this disrupts the coding in Word.

Editing citations

In some situations you may want to edit a citation you’ve already added, either to correct a reference or to add more detail, such as a specific page number. To do this, begin by clicking on an existing citation. It will be highlighted in grey once you click on it.

The Insert citation button will change to read Edit Citation.

Mendeley cote-o-matic tools edit citation

When this button is clicked the Citation Editor will open. Click on the existing reference to edit the citation and then click OK to return to your document.

edit citation pop-up

If you need to remove a citation, delete it from your Word document as if it was normal text using the backspace key.

Editing references

If you wish to edit a reference that you have inserted into a Word document, make the changes to the reference in your Mendeley Library.

Then, return to Word and click on Refresh in the Cite-O-Matic toolbar. The reference will be updated in Word.