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Mendeley Desktop

Guide to using Mendeley Desktop reference management and social citation sharing software

Navigating Mendeley Desktop

Open Mendeley Desktop from the start menu. On a Desktop@UCL PC you should choose to ignore any windows offering updates.

You might be presented with a window prompting you to download the Web Importer and /or the Word plugin. If  you have not already installed these, follow the on-screen instructions. These tools will allow you to use Mendeley to its full functionality.

Mendeley desktop left hand menuThe upper pane on the left side shows options for organising your library. Here you will find groups and folders for recently added references, Favourites, any folders you create, and more. In the lower pane you will see options for filtering your references.

At the top left corner you will see some menus and shortcut icons for performing tasks such as adding references, exporting references, synchronising your library, checking for duplicates and more. There is also a link to help pages.

Mendeley right paneThe pane on the right side has three tabs:

  • Details: Displays all the details about the currently selected reference.
  • Notes: An area for you to make your own notes about the reference.
  • Contents: If the reference has an attachment, this tab gives an outline of the contents based on the headings found in the document.