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Web of Science

Guide to using Web of Science, a multidisciplinary citation database

Citation analysis / bibliometrics

Web of Science is a citation index, which means that the records in the database contain information on citations made in that publication and it links that information so you can identify which publications have cited that one, and how many times a publication has been cited.

You can use citation searching to trace citations to a paper in order to find other papers related to it.

Bibliometrics is concerned with the analysis of research based on these citation counts and patterns, allowing for the identification of trends in research patterns and a quantitative evaluation of research outputs. Web of Science can therefore be used to identify many of these metrics.

You can use the Analyze Results feature in Web of Science to identify citation metrics and trends relating to authors, publications, institutions and collaborations. For more in depth analysis, you may wish to use other resources available through the InCites platform.

For more information visit our Bibliometrics web pages.