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Guide to using Web of Science, a multidisciplinary citation database

Data Citation Index

The Data Citation Index is a specialised citation index for searching datasets. As of summer 2023, it contains around 13 million datasets with links to source data and to associated papers. To access it, select "Data Citation Index" on the drop-down menu in the main search screen:

Screenshot showing the selector for the Data Citation Index

You can then search using the normal Web of Science methods - the default search is topic, covering title, abstract, & keywords, and we recommend this is the most effective method for most searches.

The standard Web of Science sorting and filters are available for your results, but note that there is quite limited data for author affiliations or countries (perhaps only 25% of records) and for subjects (most are classed as "multidisciplinary" or "other"), so these may not be very useful. If you are searching for material on the UCL Research Data Repository, this is indexed as published by Figshare, who host our service, but UCL-hosted items can be identified by selecting DOI as the search field from the drop-down menu and entering 10.5522/* as your search term.

The results for a given dataset will include a link to the data if available, plus standard metadata and a link to any Web of Science papers citing it in the sidebar - this link will go to a Core Collection search.

Screenshot of the metadata page for an individual dataset



You can read more about research data and how it is managed at UCL in our guide to Research Data Management, and more about finding published data for your own research in our guide to Data and Statistics.