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Guide to using Web of Science, a multidisciplinary citation database

Grants Index

The Grants Index is a specialised index for searching research funding grants. To access the database, select "Grants Index" on the drop-down menu in the main search screen:

Screenshot of the menu to select the Data Index on Web of Science

You can then search using the normal Web of Science methods - the default search is topic, covering title, grant description, & keywords, and we recommend this is the most effective method for most searches.

You can then sort or filter the results by grantholder affiliation / country and name, or by the funder, year, type, or status of the grant.

Individual records have metadata about the grant (grant number, funder, value, etc) plus a link to "associated publications", all Web of Science papers that are linked to this grant number. The Web of Science pages for those papers will, in turn, have a link to the grant index in the funding section.

Bear in mind that grant data is not comprehensive - it may not be listed for all funders and it is heavily reliant on authors correctly identifying the grant in the paper, or listing the paper in their grant reports. In addition, some grants are split into several parts and appear to show up multiple times.