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Guide to using EndNote reference management software

Term Lists

‚ÄčEach EndNote library has an index of full journal titles and their standard abbreviations in a feature called the Journals Term List, so that when you cite references in a Word document, the correct format of the journal title for that referencing style should appear in the bibliography.

Importing standard journal Term Lists

As you add references for journal articles to your library, this automatically adds entries for these journals' titles into your Journals Term Lists. However these often do not include the correct full titles and standard abbreviations so to resolve this you can import the standard EndNote Term Lists which provide correct versions of the full title and abbreviated version. You need to import these each time you create a new Library. These Term Lists are best added before you start to add references to the Library, but may be added at any time. 

To import a term list into EndNote: 

  • From the Library menuterms lists menu window select Define Term Lists.
  • In the Lists tab, select Journals.
  • Click on the Import List button and navigate to where the Terms Lists folder is located, usually in the EndNote folder, within Program Files, on your computer.
  • Click on the subject area that you need, for example, Medical.txt will import medical journal titles. Click on Open to import the file. You can repeat the process if you wish to also import journal names in a different subject area, but importing too many may make the EndNote software run more slowly.

Editing terms in Term Lists

Where a journal title is not included in the standard lists that are available to download, you may find that it appears incorrectly in your bibliography. You can edit the full or abbreviated journal title in the Term List:

  • From the Tools menu, select Open Term Lists and select Journals Term List.
  • In the Terms tab, highlight the journal title you wish to amend and click on Edit Term.
  • Edit the Full Journal title or Abbreviation as necessary and click on OK.
  • In Word, click on Update Citations and Bibliography to update references to display the correct form of the journal title.

The Terms Lists for Authors' names and Keywords can be edited in the same way.