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Explore: Finding books, journals and more

A guide to searching Explore and managing your UCL library account

Terms and conditions of use for UCL Library Services' Explore access points

The UCL Library Services "Explore" access points are provided for students and staff at UCL, as well as for Library users who are not full members of UCL.

Most of UCL's electronic resources are licensed for use by visitors as well as UCL students and staff - these resources are available without login on these access points. If a resource is available only to UCL students and staff, a UCL login will be required.

UCL's electronic resources are licensed for use for private study, teaching and / or research, provided that these activities are for non-commercial purposes

By using this Explore service you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions below.

You may:

  • Search and view the content of the electronic resources.
  • Save single copies of articles (no more than one article per journal issue or one chapter per book) for your own personal, non-commercial use.

You may not:

  • Use the electronic resources for any commercial purpose.
  • Save more than one article from a journal issue or one chapter from a book.
  • Download content from any publisher or site excessively or systematically.
  • Pass any saved material to another person or post any content on the Internet or other electronic network.
  • Alter or adapt material from the electronic resources.
  • Remove or alter publisher copyright notices, authors' names, journal / book / chapter / article titles or any other means of identification.
  • View any web site other than those linked from the UCL Library Services Explore web page.
  • Use this computer for any purpose other than library research.
  • Disclose your login details to any other person.