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EndNote 20

Guide to using EndNote reference management software


You can organise your references into groups, displayed on the left of the Library. By default you will have an All References group, an Unfiled Group, and a Trash group, where deleted references are held before they are permanently removed. The Quick List is a ‘clipboard’ area where you can collect together references, e.g. from different groups, for the duration of your EndNote Online session. Once you log out, the quick list is emptied.

To add, edit or share your Library’s Groups, go to the Organize menu and Manage My Groups.

  • To create a group, click on New Group and name the group.
  • Click back on the My References tab, and to add references to your group, click on All References, select the references you want to move and choose the group from the Add to group… drop-down menu.
  • To view the references in a group, select that group from the list on the left. You can then also delete references from the group showing by selecting the reference and clicking Remove from Group.

Groups are effectively a way of tagging your references. If you delete a reference from a Group it will remain in All References because all you have really done is remove its ‘tag’.

If you’re not sure which group a reference is in, open the full record for the reference and scroll down to see the field for Groups at the bottom of the screen. If the reference is in a Group, the Group name will be displayed.

You can share your ‘Groups’ of references with any other EndNote online user, so that you all have access to the same set of references for collaborative working.

  • On the Manage My Groups tab, click on Manage Sharing –for the group you want to share.
  • You can then invite others by email, and choose whether to give them read only or editing rights to references in the group.
  • File and figure attachments cannot be shared.

If another EndNote user chooses to share their group with you, this will be shown under the Organize menu, under the Others’ groups tab. You will also see the group listed in the left pane under Groups Shared by Others, on the My References tab.

Searching your library

You can search your library using the quick search box available in the My References view. You can choose to search specific Groups or in All my references. Note that searching All my references will not include references in other people’s Groups which have been shared with you.

Deleting references

Delete references by selecting the box(es) and then clicking the delete button above the list of references. The references are moved to Trash where they will remain until the Trash folder is emptied.

When viewing references in a Group, you have the option to delete the reference or to remove it from the Group