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EndNote 20

Guide to using EndNote reference management software

Preparing a paper for publication or for submission to Turnitin

Word generates code that is hidden in your Word document to enable it to communicate with EndNote. This makes the file size a lot larger and many publishers request that you remove this code when you submit your paper for publication. You should also remove the code when submitting a paper to Turnitin, UCL's plagiarism detection software.

You should only remove the code when you are sure you have finished editing your document.

  • Save your Word document, e.g. to your desktop or your own file area.
  • In Word, click on the EndNote tab.
  • Click on Convert Citations and Bibliography (or Tools on a Mac) and then Convert to Plain Text. This creates a copy of your manuscript, with the citations and bibliography, but without the code, i.e. the links to EndNote.
  • Save this copy to your own drive.

Do not delete your original document with the field codes retained! To edit your references once the code has been removed, you must edit the original copy of the manuscript and then remove the code again.