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EndNote 20

Guide to using EndNote reference management software

Creating an independent bibliography

To create a quick list of references from your library without adding any in-text citations.

In EndNote Desktop:

  • Select the required referencing style, by clicking on any reference and in the Summary tab, changing the style on the dropdown menu at the bottom of the box. This will change the referencing style for all references.
  • Highlight the references you wish to include. To choose all go to the Edit menu and choose Select All.
  • Go to the References menu and select Copy Formatted.
  • Paste the copied references into a Word document.

In EndNote Online:

  • Click on the Format tab, and then Bibliography.
  • Select the references you wish to include, the bibliographic style, and the file type from the drop-down options.
  • Choose to save, print or email the bibliography created.

Your reference list will be displayed in the Output style selected in EndNote.