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EndNote 20

Guide to using EndNote reference management software

Accessing EndNote

Access to EndNote requires a licence, so access varies depending on your status.

UCL students and staff

Access through the UCL desktop

UCL students and staff can access EndNote Desktop from all UCL networked computers or remotely via Desktop@UCL Anywhere, and have access to the full version of EndNote Online.

UCL staff may need to download EndNote Desktop to their UCL computer. The most recent version can be downloaded from:

  • the Software Center, for Windows 10 staff Desktop@UCL computers. Access by clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left corner of your PC.
  • the UCL Software Database for non-Windows 10 computers. This requires a UCL computer username and password.

Home use

UCL staff and students can access EndNote on their own home computer through Desktop@UCL Anywhere or by downloading it from the UCL Software Database. See the software database entry for EndNote (including installation instructions).

UCL's institutional desktop licence for EndNote allows UCL students and staff to download EndNote for use on their own PC or Mac, from the UCL Software Database. This requires your UCL computer username and password. By downloading the software you are agreeing to UCL's Standard Terms and Conditions with Home Use and Restrictions.

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) NHS staff

GOSH currently has a licence for EndNote Desktop. The licence covers installation on both GOSH and personal computers.

  • Contact GOSH IT to get the software installed on a GOSH computer remotely overnight.
  • GOSH staff can also download a copy of EndNote Desktop to a personal computer. Please e-mail the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health Library for details of how to download and install the software.

Moorfields Eye Hospital (MEH) NHS Foundation Trust Staff

The Joint Library of Ophthalmology has purchased an EndNote licence for MEH Staff. The licence allows you to install EndNote Desktop on personal computers. We will provide access on the basis of your current needs. Please email the Joint Library of Ophthalmology outlining your need to use EndNote at this time and the specific projects you are undertaking now.

Other NHS staff

NHS staff working at Trusts affiliated to UCL, other than Great Ormond Street Hospital or Moorfields Eye Hospital, only have access to EndNote Online. NHS staff who register with UCL libraries can access an enhanced version of EndNote Online as part of the UCL licence. To do this:

  • Access a UCL walk-in computer in the library and open the database Web of Science.
  • Within Web of Science, click EndNote at the top of the screen and click on the Register link.
  • Once registered you can access the enhanced version of EndNote Online from any computer. You must refresh the enhanced access each year by logging in again from a UCL library walk-in computer.

To use EndNote Desktop, NHS staff need to purchase an EndNote licence