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Guide to using Mendeley reference management and social citation sharing software

Sharing references: Mendeley Groups

Web-based reference management software means researchers can easily share libraries for a joint project. This is usually achieved by setting up a group within the program and then inviting colleagues to join. In Mendeley you can start your own groups or join existing groups.

You can create three levels of groups:

  • Private groups allow you to share full text PDFs and notes, The number of private groups and group members available to free account holders is limited.  There is no limit to the number of private groups any Mendeley user may join. Private groups will not be visible on the Mendeley website.
  • Invite only: This type of group is publicly available to view, but only invited members can join and share references. You cannot share full-text PDF files
  • Open: Anyone can join and share references

To create a group:in Mendeley Desktop:

  • Under My Groups in the left pane, click on Create Group.
  • Fill in information about the group including name and description.
  • Select the Privacy Settings.
  • Click Create Group.