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Guide to using Mendeley reference management and social citation sharing software

Managing full text attachments

You may attach files to your references, such as a PDF of the full text article. See Collecting references. If a reference has a file attachment this will be indicated by an icon in the 'File' column in the Library table.

Annotating PDF attachments

If you have imported or attached PDF full text documents, then they will be accessible for annotating.

To open the PDF, click on the iicon in the 'Files' column in the Library table, or open via the Info panel.

You can:

  • select text (to copy & paste elsewhere);
  • highlight text (the currently selected colour will be the highlight colour);
  • add a sticky note.

If you add a sticky note you will also be able to view it in the Annotations tab in the Info panel.

To return to your library either close the tab for the PDF display, or click on the word Library in the top left next to the Mendeley icon.