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Guide to using Mendeley reference management and social citation sharing software

Adding references from the Mendeley Web Catalog

The Mendeley Web Catalog is a collection of all the references added to personal libraries by Mendeley users. As more people add their versions of the same reference to their personal library, Mendeley compares and consolidates the different versions to ensure the Mendeley Catalog version is accurate.

You can link to the Catalog from within Mendeley Reference Manager, by clicking on Tools menu, and selecting Search for articles online.

Mendeley Web Catalog search box

You will need to login to your Mendeley account to add a reference to your library.

Conduct a search by typing keywords or author details into the search box. Be as specific as you can in order to retrieve a manageable number of results. By default results are sorted by 'Most relevant', but you can choose to sort them by 'most cited' or 'most recent'. 

To add a reference to your Mendeley library:

  • Click on +Add to library.
  • If the PDF is available, you may have the option to import it by clicking on Get PDF via the Info panel for the reference in Mendeley. If the option is not ther, you may have to download it and import it separately.

Note: it is advisable to use this method of collecting references sparingly or for quickly grab a reference to a known source. If you wish to identify references on a particular topic, it is better to search library resources such as Explore or databases. Note that references imported from the Mendeley Web Catalog may not contain all the necessary metadata, needed to properly format the reference.