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Guide to using Mendeley reference management and social citation sharing software

Navigating Mendeley Web

Mendeley Web gives you options to network and collaborate with other researchers, as well as managing your own reference library and groups online.

mendeley web interface

  • The Feed tab contains updates from people you make as contacts or groups of which you are a member. It might also contain suggestions based on the types of articles you’ve added to your library.
  • The Library tab shows your Mendeley library with a layout similar to the desktop version.
  • The Groups tab shows details of any groups you have joined or own.
  • At the top right corner is a search box. If you are viewing the LIbrary tab, the search box allows you to search for references within your library. When viewing any other tab, this search box can be used to search for information external to your library:
    • for papers other people have added to their libraries
    • Mendeley Groups
    • other Mendeley users.
  • At the top right you will see a link to your profile settings.  Click on your name to edit or update your profile. In the top right corner, use the drop-down arrow next to your initials to change the account settings. In the Settings and Privacy option you can choose whether to make your profile public or private, view your subscription and how much storage space you have remaining, and more.