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Guide to using Zotero reference management software

Selecting a citation style

You can choose which citation style, also known as referencing styles or output styles, you want Zotero to use to format your citations and references.

Your citations will be formatted according to the style indicated in the Document Preferences icon on on the Zotero tab. To select a style:

  • Click on the Document Preferences icon to view a list of installed styles.
  • Select the citation style you want to use and then click ok.

Document preferences citation styles screenshot

If the style you need is not listed to see further options: click on Manage Styles. You will be redirected to the Zotero desktop Preferences - Cite window.

To find more citation styles:

  • Go to your Zotero desktop library.
  • Go to Edit and from the drop-down menu select Preferences.
  • Select the Cite tab: you can see in the Style Manager window your list of styles.
  • Click on the Get additional styles hyperlink.

Preferences Cite screenshot

You will now see the Zotero's Style Repository.

You can search for a style or browse by Format or Fields, to add a new style to your list, click on the hyperlinked title of the style. 

Citation styles repository cropped screenshot

IOE Harvard for Zotero

This is the IOE customised style for Zotero. To install it, follow the instructions below.

1. Save the attachment on your Downloads folder.

2. Open Zotero and double-click on the file. This will bring up a dialogue box. Click on Install.

'Screenshot of the Zotero Install Style dialogue box.

3. The style will now appear in your list of preferred citation styles.

4. To double-check this, click on Preferences, then Cite and the Harvard - Institute of Education should appear in the list of styles you have selected.

Screenshot of the Zotero settings page menu showing installed citation styles.