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Guide to using Zotero reference management software

Zotero 7 - Update

Zotero is launching a new version: Zotero 7 which is currently available as Beta version to be downloaded. At the moment we are testing Zotero 7 and we are updating the guide as we are doing so.

Zotero versions

Zotero is open-source software and therefore, it is free and gets updated regularly. You can set up Zotero to automatically download these updates in preferences. See 'Setting Preferences' for information.

With the free version, you have 300MB of personal storage space but it is possible to pay for a premium plan which gives you more storage space. 

There are several iterations of Zotero:

  • a desktop software application, that you can download and install on your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It is also available on Desktop@UCL computers and Desktop@UCL Anywhere. To insert references into a Microsoft Word or Libre Office document and generate a bibliography, you must use the desktop version. 
  • a web-based application, Zotero Library is available to you once you register.
  • If you’re using a mobile device or a desktop browser without a Zotero Connector, you can save webpages or identifiers to your library from the save page or with the magic wand button from your web library. The Zotero bookmarklet has been discontinued.
  • Zotero is beta-testing a mobile version of for Apple devices which will allow you access to your Zotero library on your iPad or iPhone.
  • There are other third-party solutions for Android devices.