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Guide to using Zotero reference management software

Searching your library

To search your library, use the search box at the top right of the screen, next to your name. You can search by Title, Creator Year and Full-Text content.


You can organise references by putting them into collections (this is how Zotero calls folders). You can build multiple layers of collections in a hierarchical structure.

Zotero web collections screenshot

  • To create a new collection, click on the + (Add) button to the right of My Library, in the left panel. You will see a new blank box, at the end of  the list of your collections, just type in a name for the new collection.
  • To delete, re-name, or add a sub-collection, click on the three dots to the right of a folder name.
  • You can drag and drop references from your library into a collection, or select references and use the Folder + icon (Add to Collection) option at the top of the central pane.

Deleting references

  • To remove a reference from a collection, use either the Folder - (Remove from Collection) or the Trash can icons option at the top of the central pane. If you remove a reference from a collection the reference can still be found in My Library.
  • Use the same steps to delete reference(s) from My Library use either the Folder - (Remove from Collection) or the Trash can icons.

Zotero web items to collections screenshot

  • References will remain in Trash until you delete them permanently. To delete references permanently, go to the Trash folder. Select reference(s) by ticking the boxes, then click on the Trash can icon at the top of the central panel.
  • To restore references in Trash to your Library, select the reference(s) you want to restore, then click on the Page icon at the top of the central panel.

Zotero web trash and restore screenshot

Please note: the Delete key on your keyboard does not work on Zotero Web Library.