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Guide to using Zotero reference management software

Sharing references: Zotero Groups

Zotero's Groups feature allows you to share references with other Zotero users online. It's a great way to work on collaborative research projects.

In Zotero you can start your own groups(s) or join existing groups. 

You will find three types of groups: 

  • Public, Open Membership: Anyone can view your group online and join the group instantly.
  • Public, Closed Membership: Anyone can view your group online, but members must apply or be invited.
  • Private Membership: Only members can view your group online and must be invited to join

Begin by setting up a group within the program, then invite colleagues to join. You can set up a new group by selecting the “Create a New Group” button on the groups landing page on the Zotero website. You can also set up a new group from Zotero Desktop:

Zotero 6 Group library folder 1.

  • Click on the brown folder called New Library and
  • select New Group you will be redirected to the groups landing page on Zotero.



Once you have set up your new group, you will see two sections in your Zotero Desktop left hand collections pane: My Library and Group Libraries. You can drag items back and forth between the two libraries at will. 

Zotero 6 Group and My Library 1.