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Guide to using Zotero reference management software

Zotero Word Plugin

  • In MS Word, you can use Zotero to Add/Edit Citations, Add Notes, Add/Edit a Bibliography, and change your Document Preferences (e.g. styles).
  • When you install Zotero Desktop on your computer, the Word Plugin should automatically install on your computer. The Zotero tab appears in Word when you open a new Word document.

Zotero 6 Word plugin


If the toolbar does not appear on MS Word, go to Preferences/Cite and follow the instructions.

The Word plugin in  Zotero 7 has had a slight chage of layout and design, the main functions remain the same.

Zotero 7 word plugin.

If the toolbar does not appear on MS Word, go to Settings/Cite and follow the instructions.

Add Annotations in Word

Zotero 6 has an Add Note button whcih allows you to bring your annotated notes into a MS Word document.

Please note that in Zotero 7 the Add Note button has moved to the right of Add/Edit Bibliography (see image above) but the instructions below on how to insert extracted annotations remain the same.

Zotero 6 Add Note in Word

To insert extracted annotations to a text in a Word document:

  • Click on the Add Note button and a search box will appear.
  • Find the annotations you want to import  - you can use a keyword from the title to find this or a tag name you have used.
  • Select the Annotation you want to add and then press the Enter key. Your annotation will then appear in your document.

Zotero 6 Search for annotation in Word


Zotero 6 Extracted Note